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this post was a disaster from start to finish

but my favorite part is where they group together neo-nazis and rapists with christians, the lgbt-etc. community and people who are very much into sex

i was searching for a beautiful disaster and i sure found one

white pride seriously needs to go away

confederates waving their flag like “it’s our southern pride” is really funny to me

just like americans waving the american flag and saying it’s “the land of the free”

i dunno it’s all pretty humorous in a historical context

ahahahaha what you need is a history lesson

so this person just followed me

i mean yeah i’m kind of a big yuri fan but this is a bit much

and yeah girls are cute but again this is…

how do these people even find me

like do they see my posts about seeing cute girls on campus and they’re like “you know what this girl needs? some lesbian porn”

well at least it’s better than the BDSM blogs that used to follow me

Most people call Pyrrha x Blake, "Breast Of Friends". Just so you know.

O3O Daaaang. Dang. Daaaaang. Daaang. … That is beautiful.


what if yang is so (justifiably) vain and overprotective of her hair because when she started to grow it out her dad told her she looked just like her mother


Anonymous said:

Hi! I kinda feel bad about asking the same thing two weeks in a row, but since this IS going to be the dance episode and Pyrrha’s going to be the main focus, would it be too much trouble if you could do her again? If you don’t want to that’s fine! Jaune in a dress is also something I’m sure we all want to see :)

It’s all good Anon! Here yah go~ (I hope you like the little Jaune; I certainly do)


What if Ruby was Ace tho.

"Do you like boys or girls?"

"I like fighting Grim."